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Hudson Business Analytics is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in Business Analytics and Continuous Improvement. Our objective is increasing our clients’ value by improving their ability to make better decisions on both tactical and strategic issues, and by helping them adopt optimized, best-practices business processes that deliver the highest-impact, lowest-cost solutions.

are you an analytics-based,

data-driven organization?

don't you want to be?


Great things to base a story on,
but not your critical business decisions.

If the job was easy ...

it would already be done ...

Hudson can help


Professional analytics designed for one purpose: to help your management team run your business.


Our proprietary methodology allows you to review and improve your major business processes, or focus on known problem areas.


Let our professionals help you with your most important projects; allow your own people to stay focused on their day-jobs.




If there is a Holy Grail of basic business reporting, the Weekly Flash Report may be it. The main purpose of the report is to simply and quickly highlight what in your business is going well, and what is not.

The report is ideal for senior executives to use in weekly reviews with their management teams. Department managers and directors will find the weekly refresh extremely useful to use as a measure of how they are doing on a week-to-week basis.

In implementing the Flash Report, Hudson takes special care to ensure that the week-to-week results that your operations folks are seeing are in sync with the results that are seen by senior management and ultimately recorded in the company’s financials.

The Flash Report from Hudson Business Analytics is everything you need including content, readability, consistency, and relevance.

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