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Hudson Business Analytics can help you put business analytics to use in your business today. Every company’s specific needs are different. Hudson realizes this and will work with you to customize a solution to meet your requirements.

Some companies are looking for help in developing analytics around a specific area like cash flow, inventory, or production. Other times, the need is for the development of a specific analytical model or set of models that solve a problem or meet a challenge your business is facing.

Other companies want help in evaluating their current reporting and analysis capabilities. They believe they can do better and are looking for an experienced partner to help them further develop this part of their business.

Whatever your company’s needs, Hudson can help. While every job is different, Hudson generally applies a basic methodology that is consistently successful in meeting business requirements.

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Effective business analytics methodology

First, we assess what you have in place today. This means gaining a basic understanding of your current reports, your report-on-demand capabilities, your ERP system, and so forth. We will also be interested in knowing what part of your business information capabilities are working well, and which are not.

Next, we will tell you where things can be done better, and how. We will do this in the form of a comprehensive written report. Recommended improvements can come in the way data is collected, the way it is processed, and/or the reporting and analysis methods you are using. You have the option of implementing the recommendations yourself, or having Hudson help you.

Finally, should you choose to do so, we will help you implement the improvements you want, up to and including designing and creating the dashboards, summary reports, and standard financial and operations reports you want to use going forward. If there are operational procedures that need to be updated as part of the implementation process, Hudson can help you write those up as well.

Analytics & systems expertise

Hudson Business Analytics brings a special set of technical skills to its clients. Today’s complex business problems and challenges often require technically savvy solutions. With a strong background in analytics, statistics, and computer systems, Hudson provides solutions that are clever, creative, and effective.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Financial Analysis
Predictive Financial Modeling
Data Modeling
Operations Research
Data Mining
Quantitative Business Intelligence
Scenario Planning
Optimization Models
Simulations(Monte Carlo, others)
Statistical Analysis


Crystal Reports
Excel Ninja-level
F9 Analytics
WP Web Development

Reports & Dashboards

A key part of Hudson’s work is the development of analytical reports and dashboards for our clients. While every client has different needs, Hudson maintains a group of standard report types that are meant to help ease and speed the development of reports for our clients. They also provide food for thought as our clients think about ways they might want to improve their current report packages.

To see actual examples of some of our most popular standard report types, visit our Gallery of Reports.

Sample reports from Hudson Business Analytics.

The result

Hudson will provide you with the solutions to the analysis and reporting challenges your company is facing. Whether it is a specific, small-bore need, or a more comprehensive project, Hudson is ready to help you get the job done. The result of your company’s partnership with Hudson should move your company forward in its transformation into the analytics-based, data-driven organization you want it to be.

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