A gallery of sample analytical reports and dashboards developed by the Hudson Business Analytics team.
The Weekly Flash Report from Hudson Business Analytics Page 1

The Weekly Flash Report

If there is a Holy Grail of basic business reporting, the Weekly Flash Report may be it. The main purpose of the report is to simply and quickly highlight what in your business is going well, and what is not.

The report is ideal for senior executives to use in weekly reviews with their management teams. Department managers and directors will find the weekly refresh extremely useful to use as a measure of how they are doing on a week-to-week basis.

In implementing the Flash Report, Hudson takes special care to ensure that the week-to-week results that your operations folks are seeing are in sync with the results that are seen by senior management and ultimately recorded in the company’s financials.

The Flash Report from Hudson Business Analytics is everything you need including content, readability, consistency, and relevance.

The Inventory Analysis Report from Hudson Business Analytics page 1

The Inventory Analysis Report

If you are a manufacturing or merchandising business, odds are that your inventory is one of your biggest assets. Yet, surprisingly, most companies fail to give their inventory the attention it deserves.

Hudson’s Inventory Analysis Report is designed to provide critical inventory related business intelligence and analysis to senior executives, material and manufacturer managers, and the accounting and finance team.

The report provides information on inventory by various categories, largest holdings, days in inventory, projected inventory growth, and other key inventory metrics that your management team needs to optimize its inventory management results.

The Revenue Forecast Report from Hudson Business Analytics page 1

Revenue Forecast Report

The Revenue Forecast Report is designed to be an important tool in your sales and operation planning process.

The report has been developed to facilitate a review of your company’s projected revenue performance on a weekly basis. The main objective is to track your organization’s progress in meeting it’s monthly revenue goals.

It offers a great way to flush out potential problems with revenue realization and offers senior management the chance to implement corrective actions while there is still time to meet monthly goals.

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

What are the impacts on our variable cost structure if we experience a slowdown in Q4?

How will our profits change if we add a second facility and increase sales by 20%?

Your executive team needs to make decisions that are based on sound business intelligence and analytics. The higher the stakes, the more important good data becomes.

These are complicated questions that are not answered easily. The cost-volume-profit-analysis from Hudson Business Analytics is a powerful tool designed to help you make smart decisions in complex, dynamic environments.

The Cost Volume Analysis Report from Hudson Business Analytics page 1
The Summary of Sales Prospects Report from Hudson Business Analytics page 1

Summary of Sales Prospects

The Summary of Sales Prospects Report is designed to provide key information on the current sales prospect pipeline. The report shown was developed in response to a request from members of the private equity community who were looking for more granular detail about the company’s prospective sales.

The analysis looks at sales prospects at two levels. The first level looks at the types of customers that make up each sales prospect category. The second level takes the most important customer category and breaks that down into another level of detail.

This obviously will have different characteristics for different businesses, and Hudson will customize the report based on your business.

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