Inventory Analysis Report

Hudson’s Inventory Analysis Report provides critical inventory related business intelligence and analysis to senior executives, material and manufacturing managers, and the accounting and finance team.

The Inventory Analysis Report from Hudson Business Analytics page 1


Page 1 of the report starts with the most basic inventory information. Easy to read and understand charts and graphs are displayed in dashboard style and show data such as inventory by product line, by location, purchased vs manufactured, and so on.

It also shows your largest holdings in several categories. The report then looks at excess and slow moving category as well as days in inventory. The purpose here is to indicate those areas where there is inventory risk.

Each of the charts is supported by a brief narrative to ensure the main message of the analysis is clearly understood.

Note: Everything in all the pages of the report is 100% flexible and customizable. We provide you our typical setups to help with the speed and ease of your implementation.

The Inventory Analysis Report from Hudson Business Analytics page 2


Page 2 of the report begins with additional information on no usage and excess inventory. It continues with some usage categories that were developed for this specific company. The textbook accounting definitions of no usage and excess were not telling the full story regarding this inventory so new categories with new definitions were developed to tell the “true story”. This kind of customized metrics development is a big part of what Hudson does for its clients.

This page also looks at projected inventory growth; one of the most important types of inventory analytics. The page also looks at some specific products that have a big impact on inventory and need to be called out for the company’s management team to get the full picture on what is happening with its inventory.

Again, all companies have different reporting needs and requirements. Hudson will help you define and develop the right kind of reports that put your management team in the best position to make the right decisions.

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