Revenue Forecast Report

The Revenue Forecast Report is designed to track your company’s revenue performance versus forecast on a weekly basis. The main objective is to support your organization’s progress in meeting its monthly and yearly revenue goals.

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The first page of the report is a summary page. It is designed to provide a quick look at how the current month’s revenue realization is going vs the plan. It shows revenue to date as well as backlog to give your executive team a solid number for how much revenue has been earned, and a very good idea of what the month is going to look like.

The Revenue Forecast Report from Hudson Business Analytics page 2


Page 2 of the report breaks out revenue to date and backlog into product categories. Companies use this page to look at results in various types of categories. Hudson can help you decide what I might work best for you.

The company for whom this sample was created was having an issue with operations folks reporting one level of revenue and the financial folks reporting another level. This was causing frustration at weekly review meetings, and even an occasional argument or two.

Some investigation showed that orders were often shipped but not invoiced right away, and that this was the source of the difference. We helped identify a way to record and report on these shipped but not invoiced orders so that all areas were using the same numbers to report results.

The Revenue Forecast Report from Hudson Business Analytics page 3


This page typically brings forecasted sales into the analysis. Prior to this page, all the revenue being reported on was either shipped or scheduled in backlog. The forecast shipment page allowed for the team’s best estimate of what revenue would be realized for different periods.

The company for whom this sample was created had two categories of funded, one of which they had a much greater degree of confidence in than the other. Hudson can customize all pages of this report so that it reports on exactly those items that are most important to your business.

The Revenue Forecast Report from Hudson Business Analytics page 4


Page 4 of this report is a close-up look at the revenue in the current month’s forecast that has not yet shipped. It is an excellent tool for digging into whatever risks are hiding in your current month’s revenue.

Our experience has shown that when the executive team asks how the month is going, the answer is almost some variation of “Great!”. We found that a line-by-line review of some of the largest orders tended to flush out risks that weren’t otherwise reported.

The order details shown on this sample report were chosen because they highlighted shipment type details, which were important risk parameters for this company’s orders.

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