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Hudson Business Analytics can help you with your most important projects. Our skills and experience in business analytics and continuous improvement make us an excellent choice for many of the critical projects your company has planned for the near future.

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Professional analytics designed for one purpose: to help your management team run your business.



Our proprietary methodology allows you to review and improve your major business processes, or focus on known problem areas.

Types of projects

For an idea of the types of projects that Hudson can help you with, please consider some of the projects we have successfully completed to date:

Lean Manufacturing
Lean Business Processes
Lean Planning & Scheduling
Plant Consolidation
Sales & Operations Planning
Inventory Optimization
Proposal/Bid Support (Financial/Cost)
Cash Flow Optimization
Supply Chain/Purchasing Optimization

Examples of Projects

The Hudson team has been involved in dozens, maybe even hundreds of analytics and improvement projects over the years. A set of examples is shown below.

Inventory Optimization

Warehouse shelving that indicates that inventory reduction and good inventory management are important.A client had experienced unplanned inventory growth and a resultant drain of cash. The goal was to identify the causes of the unplanned growth and put together a plan to turn things around. Some of the challenges included a loss of personnel in key inventory data management roles, a lack of clear ownership and maintenance plans for inventory-related field data in the system, unguided evolution of several key business processes, and others.

A series of processes were identified as contributing to the unplanned inventory growth. Data analysis also revealed that a number of key inventory fields had not been maintained, which resulted in purchasing levels of many products that were no longer appropriate for current demand levels. Projected inventory impact is approximately $10 million.

Data Mining and Reporting

Bound books to show that data mining and reporting are important.In response to a legal inquiry, a client had a need to pull sales and order data for the past 6 years and then report on it in a variety of different ways. Some of the parameters required included customer, market segment, fulfilled vs unfulfilled, GSA vs non-GSA, product line, product line ex-several specific products, and a whole host of other mixed parameters. The reports produced needed to have clear audit trails; the report presentations had to be clear and unambiguous; and the data had to reflect what was entered in the company’s system with certain accuracy.

We developed the appropriate reports for an initial look at the data needed. Our analysis of the initial report results revealed to us what seemed to be a number of order entry issues that were impacting the accuracy of the reports. Our observations were confirmed and we were able to create a series of crystal and excel based programs and formulas to manage around the order entry issues and complete the task in a timely manner.

Private Equity Deal Support

In preparation for a potential private equity transaction, multiple operational and financial analysis packages were required. Financial report and fancy pen show companies involvement in private equity deals.Operational packages included analysis of production capabilities, labor costs at multiple facilities, the impact of a planned labor consolidation, the impact of a planned outsourcing implementation, and numerous other factors. The financial packages included analysis of revenue and orders, projected inventory change, cash flow analysis, and a number of analyses on the impact of planned operational events on earnings and cash flow, etc.

All the required operational and financial analysis and reporting requirements were completed in a timely manner. We also produced summary presentations in the form of PowerPoint presentations for members of the private equity community. All parts of the delivered reports and presentations were well-received, and the planned private equity transaction was concluded successfully.

Plant Consolidation

Plant consolidation as shown by movements of materials by fork truck.A client had determined that significant savings could be realized by consolidating two manufacturing plants and needed help to make it happen. One of the challenges was figuring out the logistics of the consolidation of the inventory at both plants. Some of the challenges included duplicate inventory at both locations with different part numbers, a lack of data in the system on the weights and dimensions of the inventory in the plant being closed, different warehouse management systems in place at each plant, unmaintained purchase order information on incoming delivery dates and quantities, and others. The objective was to put together a plan that would facilitate the consolidation of the inventory by quantifying the amount of space required and planning the move of the inventory so that customer deliveries and planned manufacturing activities were minimally disrupted.

We met the objectives by performing the following – development of methods for quantifying the dimensions of the inventory being moved, initiation of a clean-up of purchase order data to plan accurately for incoming deliveries of inventory, development of a mathematical model that pulled together all aspects of the consolidation including inventory movements into and out of each facility, estimated dimensions of the inventory involved and the space available, running balance of remaining capacity at the destination plant, running estimates of truckloads required to complete the consolidation, and more.

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