Summary of Sales Prospects

The Summary of Sales Prospects Report is designed to provide key information and details on the current sales prospects pipeline.

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The Summary of Sales Prospects Report is designed to show information on the current sales prospect pipeline. The report shows sales prospects in several categories starting with backlog (orders received and unfulfilled). The report then shows the new order pipeline, which would be defined as prospective orders that have been quoted, but not received.

This company has two categories of pipeline, funded and unfunded. These terms have to do with the company’s specific line of business, but they indicated different levels of probability in the quotes being converted to orders.

Each of the sales prospect pipeline categories are then shown broken down by customer type, Department of Defense, Commercial, International, etc. This business intelligence is all shown in a graphical dashboard format that makes it easy to see from what segments prospective sales dollars are coming.

The final section of the report takes the most significant customer segment (DoD), and breaks it out to a further level of detail. In this view, the DoD segment is further broken out into the specific bases to which the quotes were submitted.

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