The Weekly Flash Report

The main purpose of the Weekly Flash Report is to simply and quickly highlight the key performance metrics for your business on a weekly basis.

The Weekly Flash Report from Hudson Business Analytics Page 1


Page 1 of the Weekly Flash Report is generally an Executive Summary type of page. We usually show the summary data for each of the organization’s most important performance indicators; things like sales, new orders, backlog, production, supply chain and liquidity. We distill the performance in each of these areas down to a single box (each) to provide a quick snapshot of how things are going.

Finally, we typically add a few boxes for some commentary in text form, usually a month-to-date and year-to-date summary. Text boxes are also good for announcing noteworthy events or achievements.

Note: All of the content in the Weekly Flash Report is 100% flexible and customizable. We provide you our typical setups to help with the speed and ease of your implementation.

The Weekly Flash Report from Hudson Business Analytics Page 2


Page 2 of the Weekly Flash Report is usually dedicated to information about sales and new orders. We use graphs to show recent trends as well as comparisons against yearly averages. We use spotlight boxes to show summary data for various sales and order categories.

Finally, we use statistical analysis to arrive at key metrics like quote conversion and book-to-bill ratio to provide even more insight into the current status of sales and order performance.

The Weekly Flash Report from Hudson Business Analytics Page 3


This page usually provides a more detailed breakdown of sales and/or order information. In this area, we usually show performance for the year against major product categories.

In the sample shown, shipments for the year are broken down into two major product categories, and then further broken down into specific product lines.

Note: Intelligent product categorization is one of the most important business analytics elements. If your company needs to develop or improve its product categorization schemes, Hudson can help with that.

The Weekly Flash Report from Hudson Business Analytics Page 4


Page 4 and onward are somewhat dependent on the type of business the company operates. The sample shown is for a manufacturing company. It shows a summary of units produced by product categories for the year. It also shows performance trends via spotlight graphs. Outliers like ‘Computer Production’ in the week of 4/18 are easily identifiable for investigation.

This sample also shows a ‘Production Index’. This is a statistical metric that was developed by Hudson in order to measure trends in production when the production environment is characterized by a high degree of variability.

The other metrics were chosen and/or developed based on the production issues present at the company.

The Weekly Flash Report from Hudson Business Analytics Page 5


Page 5 shows purchasing and inventory metrics. It shows the inventory mix by product category as well the trend in total inventory on hand. The report also shows purchasing data, including the top purchases by category and purchasing trends over time.

Finally, the report shows some key performance indicators that reflect on the purchasing and inventory processes.

The Weekly Flash Report from Hudson Business Analytics Page 6


This page shows a collection of other metrics. In this case, the metrics relate to Scheduling, Engineering, and Logistics.

Our experience has shown us that the business processes in these areas are often undervalued in terms of their importance to the organization. This happens because the operations themselves do not generate “scoreboard numbers” as easily as some of the other functional areas.

We have developed a number of metrics for these areas to provide insight into how the business processes are being performed. We have found that maintaining performance levels in these areas is a critical part of a company’s overall success.

The Weekly Flash Report from Hudson Business Analytics Page 7


Page 7 shows On Time Performance. Hudson considers this one of the most importance measurements of a company’s overall performance. For a company to achieve strong on time performance numbers for an extended period most or all parts of the operation must be working well and in concert. Breakdowns anywhere along the line can pull performance levels down. For this reason on time performance is the most comprehensive measure of the performance of the organization as a team.

This page also shows the reasons for late shipments. It is critical that these are understood so that corrective actions can be put in place. It is often a challenge for organizations to understand these reasons.

Hudson has developed easy to use methods to help collect reasons for late shipments and other critical (but perhaps atypical) pieces of business information. If your company needs to develop or improve methods to collect critical business information like late shipment reasons, Hudson can help with that

The Weekly Flash Report from Hudson Business Analytics Page 8


This page breaks down on time performance by company-specific order types. In our experience, certain types of orders (i.e. spare parts orders or other special categories) have different fulfillment processes that can skew company wide on time performance. Hudson has developed methods to help clients identity these situations and report on them correctly.

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